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Let us tell you about our work process. By applying agile principles, more concretely, by doing a combination of disciplined agile delivery with SCRUM, our labor is methodologically sound. We have built many desktop, web and mobile applications. Our back end systems are mainly done with Java programming language and PostgreSQL database.

We believe that doing is the best, but it doesn't start without a good plan. That is why we like to separate first week or two for thrice planning and system modeling and design. That is when disciplined agile methodology and domain driven design come the most in plan. At that time we place a lot of focus on the business expert so that the system foundation is laid properly.

At next iteration, the focus is placed more on the implementation and product delivery. After each sprint we offer a result for owner to see. Of course, we do respond to any change necessary and deal with them immediately. So system architecture isn't out of the picture during these latter phases.

One of our other advantages is in our communication philosophy. Like we said, we like to do, so we try to minimize the time for unnecessary talk. Being freelancers, we do our work from home. We split our tasks using project management tools and execute them in parallel. We have reduced the informational communicational channels and placed our focus on the content channels. These principles allow us to do work very efficiently.

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Aleksandar Berar

CEO / Software Engineer

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Radovan Adamov

Co-founder / Software Engineer

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Predrag Vidović

UI / UX Designer

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